30 Minutes “Colorful Revolution” Blockades in Skopje

Time: 2:57 p.m. CEST

Thirty minutes on three locations in Skopje, “Colorful Revolution” and members of the opposition blocked the main city crossroads in Skopje. With cars and symbolic use of car horns the protesters approached from one side of the crossroads and stopped the traffic for a half hour. At the crossroad close to the Supreme Court building people stopped by the cars with license plates of the “Colorful Revolution.” At the crossroad close to the main Orthodox Church in Skopje, the protesters waved the state flag and wrote a message “We are done with you,”  an ultimatum until June 18, 2016. “Colorful Revolution” protesters and opposition gave conditions the government should fulfill until the deadline of June 18. Manor incident occurred during today’s blockades when a person on a motorcycle, verbally attacked one of the residents, mentioning a vulgar name of his nationality. A person tried to punch him in return, but others prevented perhaps a bigger incident.

“Colorful Revolution” published a statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday regretting for the incident, which happened on the Boulevard “Partizanski Odredi” across the Church St. Clement in Skopje. “Colorful Revolution” sincerely regrets for the isolated incidents, which are not reflecting our thinking and opinions, the statement said.

“One person with verbal threats and profanities attempted and partially succeed to provoke a small incident. Fortunately, there were no injured and the person left the location. We decided to pursue non-violent fight against the regime and we are firmly reaffirming this. We are asking of all residents to restraint to those provocations and appealed for more tolerance,” the members of this movement explained.

After 30 minutes, people peacefully removed the cars of the city crossroads and the traffic was normalized.


One thought on “30 Minutes “Colorful Revolution” Blockades in Skopje

  1. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post!

    It’s the little changes which will make the largest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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