Saturday’s Protests in Skopje Ended Peacefully

Time: 11:26 p.m. CEST

Opposition, residents, their supporters and members of the “Colorful Revolution” ended one of the phases of the street pressure toward the government and rescind of all pardons. On Saturday, they gathered as in the earlier month-and-a-half at the building of the Prosecution about intercepted conversations, continue toward the government building and later to the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia. Today’s motto of the protests was, “You are giving us criminal charges; we are more courageous.”

A map shows walking distance of the protests marches of about 2 km. (1.2 miles), which supporters passed each day since mid April. 

Protest ended peacefully, with statements for new measures, which opposition and civil society organizations will make from June 6.

“Colorful Revolution” with an update on their Facebook page announced new measures. “On Monday, we would announce uncompromising plan to exit the crisis with solid terms. We draw the red line! From Monday, we start to count! The crisis lasted long enough! On Monday, citizens will tell how we will overcome! They would no longer see us out at six, (usual time for protests gatherings) but will do see us every day – much stronger. From June 6 nothing will ever be the same!” Colorful Revolution announced on their Facebook page. The photographs are choice from today’s protests.


Police cordon at the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia stays in line before the beginning of the paint throwing to the building.


NOTE: Journalism photography. No other use is allowed, especially in court cases, or other use for possible facial recognitions.


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