Skopje Protests: Colorful Revolution Waved their Flag In ‘Skopje2014’ Monuments

Time:10:50 p.m. CEST

A spring rain and lightings in Skopje did not prevent the residents and supporters of the opposition to march on Friday and show their disagreements with the earlier information in the day that police submitted criminal charges for seven members of protesters who participate in the throwing paint toward the building of the Ministry of culture and Triumphal Arch “Macedonia.”The banner, which people held today, it said, “The guilty one writes criminal charges.” The Skopje’s sky before the rain, made opportunity for colorful moments, while people walked by the cities boulevards and streets.

Only the heavy police presence at the bridge “Goce Delcev” toward the Old Bazaar created an unpleasant atmosphere and reminded us that sounds and noise of people talk about injustice they feel. Members of the “Colorful Revolution” entered in the fountain of the controversial monument “A soldier on a horse,” which represents the monument glorifying Alexander the Great. The rain and lighting was not an obstacle for paint coloring , supported by gathered people with cheering applause and loud noises.


Note: Journalism photo. Any other use for facial recognition, or use in cases is FORBIDDEN. 


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