President Obama in Elkhart Defends His Measures in US Economy

Time: 11:18 p.m. CEST

Even though, President Barack Obama did not say who he would support from the 2016 presidential elections’s Democratic candidates yet, he appealed to an audience in Elkhart to make the choice for those who drive economy to improve the lives of American middle class.

“You have a choice to make Elkhart,” Obama said to the audience in the city in Indiana, which he visited in the first three months of his presidency in 2008. But, with  few months to the November 8 presidential elections, Obama explained his  reasons why the Democrats are better for the U.S. economy. As President said, Elkhart has choice to make.

“You do; between more or less inequality, between staking the deck for folks who are doing great, or making sure everyone has a chance to succeed. That is economic choice to face, that is the stake in this elections, very different visions for our economy, “ Obama explained.

“I understand that not everybody votes based on its economic interest, just based on the economy, we are more than matter of dollars and cents. Some folks care deeply on our Second Amendment rights, some folks care on the marriage equality, some folks care about abortion, some folks would care about national security, some about worries on terrorism; they may think we have not done right thing on any of those issues, that Republicans have a better answer. We have that debate. That is fine,” Obama said.

As Obama stated those are important issues for debate, but, “if you are care about in the election is your pocketbook, if you are concerned about who do you look for the interest of working people, growth of the middle class, if that is what for you are concerned about-the economy, the debate is not even closed.”

In two presidential mandates, President Obama inevitably pursued for improving the economy for the U.S. middle class, and in his remarks on the economy in Elkhart he stressed that the way Republicans would lead the economy could endanger the policies created to improve economy.

“One path would lead to lower wages, it would eliminate workers’ protections, it would cut investments in education, it would weaken the safety net, it will kick out people of health insurance, it would lead China writes the rules of global economy, it would lead to weaken the rules to protect the air equality, it would lead big banks to weaken rules for families to get cheat, it will cut taxes for the wealthiest to historic lows,” Obama said.

Obama attacked in the remarks approach by Republicans for the economy to solve issues for citizens.

“The evidence in the last 30 years and the evidence of the common sense should tell you, their answers to our challenges are not answers at all,” Obama said in Elkhart.

Once more, Obama appealed to the Congress to vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership deal and said the trade would enable job, not cut them.



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