House Speaker Paul Ryan Would Support Trump in November

Time: 10:45 p.m. CEST

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan announced on Thursday he would support Donald Trump as a presidential nominee for Republicans on the presidential elections in November 2016. The Washington Post writes, on Thursday, the speaker had a guest column for his hometown newspaper.

“It’s a question of how to move ahead on the ideas that I—and my House colleagues—have invested so much in through the years. It’s not just a choice of two people, but of two visions for America,” Ryan wrote, citing the “bold” policy agenda that he will begin rolling out next week and contrasting that with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s platform.

“Donald Trump can help us make it a reality,” Ryan said.

This was a surprise moment, because four weeks ago, as the Washington Post reports, he declared he was “not there yet” in terms of endorsing Trump. The Post says, “the move may also signal that the speaker and other top Republicans are worried about keeping the House and Senate in Republican hands come November, and believe the best way to do that is to unite the party.”

Democrats reacted on the news and stressed their campaign strategy of tying Republican congressional candidates to Trump, the Post writes. Democrats said Trump is fatally un


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