Colorful Revolution Makeover To Baroque Buildings in Skopje

Time: 10:56 p.m. CEST

Protesters marched on Tuesday’s May afternoon in Skopje in support of changes and against the political situation in the country. People walked from the offices of the Prosecution for intercepted conversations toward the government.

Members of the “Colorful Revolution” painted the façade of the Government, Ministry of Justice, and Assembly. While the police questioned either members of the opposition, or of the “Colorful Revolution” each day more participants in the protests want to take part in using the improvised catapult (slingshot) and throw paint toward the exterior walls of buildings in baroque, recently made as part of the city’s architectural makeover, which created differences and polarization among population.

Without the political process between the government and opposition, the members of the “Colorful Revolution,” opposition supporters in large number try to define their vision about future. Almost at the end of today’s protests, an old woman wanted to throw a paint ball and she was supported by others to make her wish by throwing a ball toward the Assembly building.

An incident occurred on a side street, where the gathered people passed on their walk toward the building of the Government.


Republic of Macedonia’s Government building with traces of “Colorful Revolution” paint balloons.
“Colorful Revolution” members pose at the Ministry of Justice building in Skopje during protests on May 31, 2016.
An old woman prepares to throw a ball supported by other participants in the protests.
People release an improvised catapult toward the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia building on May 31. 



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