Colorful Revolution: Driver of Protest’s Van Apprehended by Police

Time: 10:53 p.m. CEST


Protesters of the “Colorful Revolution” continue with the protests against president Gjorgje Ivanov pardon to 56 state officials with support of the members of the opposition, even thought Ivanov decided to withdraw it only for 22 former state officials on Friday, among them former Prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankulovska, opposition president Zoran Zaev, former prime minister and president of the state Branko Crvenkovski and others. The protest, which began at the offices of the Prosecution for intercepted conversation, ended at the Triumphal Arch, with throwing paint balloons at the monument of the controversial project “Skopje2014.” Former deputy minister for agriculture of SDSM, Ljupco Nikolovski addressed the opposition supporters, reflecting their participation in the government, as part of July 15 agreement, where SDSM did not participate anymore.

A protester with a mask of paper and a tape passes by the police officers that stand in front of Triumphal Arch in Skopje.

PaintPaintThrowingLater, one of the members of the non-profit organizations and an activist, Pavle Bogoevski  informed on its Facebook profile that people are gathering near the police station “Prolet” (Spring) in the municipality Kisela Voda in Skopje after an information that police apprehended a member of the organization of the protests, responsible for driving a van and supporting the colon of people who are protesting.

Here is Bogoveski’s update with the picture from the local police station and gathered people in front of it in support of apprehended driver of the van. “Colorful Revolution,” explained in a Facebook post that plainclothes police apprehended, 54-years-old protest’s van driver N.P. and brought him to the police station, where he is questioned reportedly for collecting the materials for destroying the cultural heritage. Ministry of Culture classified Triumphal Arch as cultural heritage, even though this monument is part of the controversial project “Skopje2014.”

NOTE: Journalism photography, other use forbidden.


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