Colorful Revolution: An Incident Overshadows Protest March

Time: 6:20 p.m. CEST

A woman with colored palm and fingers hold her hand up looking through sun glasses covered with colors during the protests in Skopje on May 28 against the presidential pardons. 

“Colorful Revolution” protests, opposition marching from one institution to another started peacefully on May 28, with colorful intervention of people’s faces, hands and legs, sharing the motto of Saturday’s protest,  “Colorful revolution, instead of colorful abolition.” The atmosphere, which some of the people described as massive night-out gatherings at the beginning of the 90s, made the Saturday’s afternoon pleasant, together with the sun and shades playing with the people’s line marching.

Only the heavy presence of the police in riot uniforms and armored vehicles point out, it is not a party and local gatherings from the 90s, typical for the city as Skopje was. The tone and the atmosphere, even though festive, show again that for the opposition and some residents the institutions and justice are only on the streets.

The festive atmosphere stopped at some point, when the usual ritual of the protest of throwing paint balls from improvised slingshot was interrupted by a passer by, who talked to the gathered people.

Then, another incident happened, as several in the past time since the protest started.

An incident occurred during yesterday’s part of the protests when members of the “Colorful Revolution” throw paint balloons using an improvised catapult. A man with blue t-shirt stopped on the pavement and addressed those who throw paint and stammer toward protesters. The gathered people refute his talking and shortly after he continue with the walking and stammer talks, people came from behind and use the arms to remove a stutter, who said to the people,”My grandfather fought for this country,” while some of the crowd said: “We are fighting for this country, too.”

Police watched the incident, while media recorded it.

This is third incident, which is happening during the protests, where counter-protesters or other people confront the actions of members of the “Colorful Revolution,” especially painting the facades of “Skopje2014” monuments or exterior walls of government institutions.

Shortly after, the protesters dance on the street as police cordon and metal fences secured the street and approach to the police station, where police questioned several protesters in the past days. The protests started on April 12, when the president of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov granted pardon for 56 officials. On Friday, he withdrew the pardons for 22 persons.

Note: Journalism photography and video, other uses are forbidden!



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