Protests in Skopje: ‘Selective Justice is Injustice’

Time: 11:07 p.m. CEST

There was an unpleasant serendipity on Friday’s protests in Skopje when police deployed earlier in the day metal fences moving the line far of the Assembly by not allowing the demonstrators and people to approach on the second line of the Boulevard “October 11th.” Regardless the deployed police after the speeches of people against the government and those on power, protesters threw the paint ballon balls on the Assembly wall. The main point and parole of today’s protest was against selective justice and it was public anger after today’s withdrawal of pardons granted by Gjorgje Ivanov to 22 persons.

Skopje’s weather at the end of May improved and enabled colorful sky on Friday that suited to the supporters of the “Colorful Revolution” protest that began soon after first wave of demonstrations against pardoned state officials.

Members of the “Colorful Revolution” throw paint with an improvised slingshot toward the outside wall of the Assembly. “Colorful Revolution” protest against the institutions and the way they function. 
“Selective Justice is injustice,” the protesters marched in Skopje with a parole on Macedonian and Albanian language. A young man is waiving the flag of the “revolution” with words “Colorful Revolution.”
Members of the media take photographs and record video during the improvised slingshot throwing of paint from the second line free on Boulevard “October11th”
Police officers were deployed one line further and prevented protesters to approach closer to the Assembly.
A woman is holding a picture of president Gjorgje Ivanov while people with the banner are trying to approach police cordon and cover the metal fences with the parole.
Members of “Colorful Revolution” write Selective Justice is injustice close to the offices of the Delegation of EU in Skopje.
An international model Katarina Ivanovska pictured closed to the Assembly among supporters of Skopje’s protests marches.

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