G-7 Warns Brexit Is Risk to Global Growth, Jobs, Investments

Time: 7:59 a.m. CEST

Final declaration at the G-7 meeting in Japan warns that possible exit of the United Kingdom of the European Union, “Would revers the trend toward greater global trade.” The statement says, it would put at risk the investments and the jobs they create, and it is “a further serious risk to growth.”

The G-7 meetings are among the seven leading industrialized nations. Global growth is among the many priorities in the future. The warning in the official communique is less than a month off the scheduled referendum in Britain on June 23.

The leaders of the U.S., Canada, Britain, Italy, Germany, France and Japan committed for a global growth as one of the “urgent priorities.” The leaders discussed other issues, which include lowering of the risks to global growth, among other things, decreasing the threats of the terrorist attacks and violent extremism.

The G-7 discussed the migration crisis and recognized the large scale movements of migrants and refugees as a global challenge, which requires global response.

On Afghanistan, G-7 expects Russia and Iran to urge Bashar al-Assad’s regime “to comply with renewed cessation and to stop its attacks directed at civilians, and urge all parties to the cessation” of hostilities. The G-7 also welcomes the International Syria Support Group’s “reiteration on the target date of August 1, 2016,” for parties to  reach an agreement for genuine political transition.



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