EU Diplomat Urged Political Talks, Rescind of Pardon After Expressing Serious Concerns

Time: 3:13 p.m. CEST

EU diplomat Christian Danielsson, second on the left, prepares before going a statement to reporters in Skopje at the Delegation of EU’s entrance in Skopje on May 27, 2016.

The European Union Delegation in Macedonia continue with the attempts to renew the political dialogue in the country after recent political tensions and growing discontent with the actions of the President Gjorgje Ivanov after he granted pardon to 56 state officials.

A director general in the EU Directorate for Enlargement, Christian Danielsson arrived in Skopje for a meetings with four presidents of main parliamentary parties, participants in the Przino Agreement and with the representatives of the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations. On behalf of the EU, Danielson expressed “serious concerns” regarding the situation in the country.

“All political leaders no have an opportunity to implement much needed reforms, and prepare credible elections soon.” As Danielsson said, the leaders need to move beyond token declarations of intent with the urgent reform priorities.

As Danielsson stated, Przino Agreement is of “overriding importance,” and called “political leaders” to keep and respect their political agreement. He called an imperative that, “the presidential pardons are rescinded.” As a candidate country for EU accession, Danielson referred, “there must be full accountability and equal treatment before the law.”

Danielsson appealed that the special prosecutor and her team “must be allowed to do their job.” The work of all should continue about the elections. The issues of voter’s list, balanced media coverage, preventing voter intimidation and separation of state and party activities are important for the credible elections.

Danielson appealed for inclusive dialogue in the society. He did not answer to any follow-up questions.


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