Protests in Skopje:“With those on Power, We are Going to Abyss”

Time:10:49 p.m. CEST

In the absence of talks on implementation of the July 15 agreement of last year, “Colorful Revolution” and their supporters continue with the protest walks in Skopje and painting of the institutions, as expression of public anger.

Police officers deployed at the Assembly, where the coloring took place tonight showed no reactions to throwing of the paint ball with an improvised catapult by the protesters and loud sounds.

Some people, already in their one month and half time education to protests showed specific emotions, while walked from one institution to another to express the discontent with the political situation in the country.

In a theatrical manner, the first line of the protesters column hold puppets with former state officials, metaphorically requesting sentence for the contents of the reported intercepted conversations.


Protesters walk in Skopje trying to express their opinion with coloring the face in the colors of the state official flag, T-Shirts with the signatures of the “Colorful Revolution”, “Special Public Prosecution,” and “hooligans.
A woman with clenched fist walks in front of the protesters with puppets of former state officials and parole, which states, “With those on power, we are going to abyss.”
A woman holds the improvised  catapult with yellow paint full balloon before trying to hit the wall of the Assembly in expression of the public anger during protests of the opposition and their supporters. 

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