President Obama and Donald Trump With Different Meaning on “Rattle”

Time: 11:47 p.m. CEST

President Barack Obama commented on the upcoming presidential elections in the United States after a question on Donald Trump during a news conference in Japan, where Obama is for the G-7 summit. Obama said that other countries are closely watching what is happening in the campaign and said that other countries are “rattled” with Trump.

“They’re rattled by him and for good reason,” Obama said. “Because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what is required to keep America safe.” “They are surprised by (Trump), not sure how to take some of his pronouncements,” Obama said.

Soon after, Trump responded at a news conference in North Dakota to words by the sitting president of the U.S. by saying, “If they are rattled in a friendly way, that is a good thing, not a bad thing,” Trump said.


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