G-7 with Message on South China Sea Disputes

Time: 5:04 p.m. CEST

Leaders of G-7 Summit gathered in Japan on May 26-27 to discuss various issues. (photo courtesy of G7 official meeting in Japan)

Group of Seven agreed to send “a strong message on maritime claims in the western Pacific,” Reuters reported on Thursday. An increasing activities of China in the western Pacific revive the territorial disputes between China and other Southeast Asian states. China opposed to the agreement, even though this country is not part of the G7 club. In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the issue had “nothing to do” with G-7.

“China is resolutely opposed to individual countries hyping up the South China Sea for personal gain,” she said, as Reuters reports.

The G-7 summit is in Ise-Shima, central Japan, where Japan’s Prime minister Shinzo Abe led discussion on the persisting issue of the disputes in the South China Sea.

During the news conference on Wednesday, Abe greets China’s peaceful rise, but is against changes of the things as they are by force, and appealed for the rule of law. The statement after the summit could mention those two principles. Despite Asia’s countries concerns, the United State addresses the issue at G-7.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>President Barack Obama who attended his last G7 summit as president, on Thursday pointed to the risks from North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. As Obama explained, countries in the region, mentioning China, could lower the risk of North Korea selling weapons or nuclear material.


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