Local: Protests and Counter Protests At Police Station in Skopje

Time: 3:41 p.m. CEST

Early Wednesday, university professor Mirjana Najcevska and director of the Helsinki Committee of Human Rights in Macedonia, Uranija Pirovska showed up at the center in the city with their supporters. Police in the local police station in Skopje requested their presence with the reported participation in the expression of public anger and painting of the state institutions and monuments, or buildings of “Skopje2014” controversial project.

It was windy and cold morning weather in Skopje, but more than 50 supporters gathered near the entrance to the police station in support of the activists. Pirovska came to the police station with a lawyer and after the questioning gave a statement to the media. She defend her right to protests, admitted to the police she throw paint, but she is not feeling guilty for the actions. As she said, she was questioned about the throwing of paint on Ministry for Foreign Affairs on April 25.

“It is my legitimate right as a resident of the state to express the revolt for the situation and the policies of the criminal authorities,” Pirovska stated.

Another activist who questioned police actions was Najcevska, who expressed her opinion on the situation.

University professor Najcevska said, “they are trying to prevent the residents in seeking the responsibility for those who committed a crime.” In the beginning of the protest she approach the entrance of the police station, but did not enter inside. Instead, she throw paint to bricks of the building.

Pirovska said she did not sign the fine report, and said the case would proceed. For several activists from the named “Colorful Revolution,” police submitted charges and some get financial fines or obligation for public service work.

During the morning protest, few counter protesters arrived close to the police station with paroles against Najcevska’s actions in the past days. Police prevented possible escalation of scuffles between members of two confronted group. The financial fine is about 50 euros.




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