‘Colorful Revolution’ Mocked Marking Them As Hooligans

Time: 10:37 p.m. CEST

Despite the large number of residents and supporters who are walking each day in Skopje against the pardon for 56 state officials granted by the President Gjorgje Ivanov, the “Colorful Revolution” is more and more theatrical in the approach. Also it is the public anger with the alleged disfunction of the state institutions. The tense verbal fight between the opposition, NGO’s and ruling government party result in the open expression of the discontent of some governmental policies.

Irena Sterijovska, a theatrical director, talked today at the stage in from of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia. She said, “With the intimidations, you are in mistake, with the Assembly, you are in mistake, with the Ministry of Justice, you are in mistake, with the Constitutional Court, you are in mistake, with the Ministry of Culture, you are in mistake.”

Part of the protesters and demonstrators appealed to the government for reviewing its policies for the residents. University professor Mirjana Nacevska said, “They oppressed the humanitarian dignity.”

The conflict between two polarized sides remain in Macedonia despite the efforts of the international community to guide the country toward further steps of the Euro-Atlantic integration. But, the controversy of “Skopje2014” project brought on surface issues related with the possible misuse of the architectural changes in Skopje.

Today’s protest was under the motto, “I turned myself in as a hooligan,” referring to some media use of wording for protesters and people from the public life, who openly criticized part of the policies created by the government. Representatives of the opposition SDSM were also part of today’s protests.






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