Protesters Say No to Presidential Pardon for State Officials

Time: 10:37p.m.CEST

Protests in Skopje continue on Monday with the appeals to the President of Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov to changes the decision on granted pardon to 56 state officials. Again, in large number, people and opposition supporters walked in support of those demands after the recent developments with the July 15 agreement. The protests started at the offices of the Prosecution for the intercepted conversations with a banner that states on several languages “Against the crime,” “Against the pardon.” NGO’s and opposition supporters in column walked to the Government of the Macedonia and then to the Assembly. One of the activities were again the painting of the walls of the institutions with the makeshift catapult. At the Assembly, a member of the Vlach community in Macedonia said “no for the pardon,” and talked about support of that community to the protests. One of the activists, Bojan Maricik said the non-governmental sector and protesters have seven demands, among them end of the government ruling of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI and participation of the civil society in the political talks. Another activist yielded they are not afraid of the changes in the Ministry of Interior. Protests ended peacefully with the police removing all water-canon vehicles and other police forces after the end of the protests.

Political outcome of the current situation is still unknown after the temporary decision of the Constitutional Court to accept the review of the initiative for the dissolution of the Parliament. The justices of the court should decide on the initiative this week.The Parliament continue with their work and made changes in the law on pardon. The President has 30 days to withdraw his decision, which initially created wave of demonstrations, or could decide if the pardoned state officials request from him, removal of the pardon. The Parliament changed the election law and erase of the law the date for elections. Meanwhile, the members of the two main Macedonian parliamentarian parties exchange verbal offenses on the wealth of their officials.

These photographs show the atmosphere of today’s protests at different locations in the city. 


DSC_7485DSC_7503 DSC_7494 DSC_7502 DSC_7524


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