Political Crisis In Macedonia: Constitution Violated, Parliament Humiliated

Time: 10:49 p.m. CEST


In Macedonia, no one declared the state of war, or the weather conditions worsened to that level for the declaration of state of emergency. Despite, the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia convenes after the dissolution of the Parliament and voted to halt scheduled June 5 elections. Earlier the Constitutional Court started procedure for revision of the Parliament decision to dissolve, followed by the plenary session of the Parliament, and decision of the Interim Prime minister Emil Dimitriev appoint new ministers in the government after acceptance of the resignations offered by SDSM ministers in Ministry of Interior and Labor and Social Policy.

Only a day earlier State Election Commission announced that only VMRO-DPMNE and their coalition partners will be the only one on the ballots, something that protesters demonstrated referring that elections with only one party can not pass. On Wednesday, on the day when the Assembly convene after dissolution on April 7, the similar message came of the opposition supporters, NGO’s and other residents in Skopje, which in large number walked today and said, “No Justice, No Peace.”

During the protests, members of the so-called “Colorful revolution” catapulted balloons with paint using improvised slingshot toward the walls of the Assembly entrance. The gathered people cheered as the balloons successfully hit the building. Protests ended peacefully with requirements that citizens participate in the solving of the political crisis.

Earlier in the day, Hoyt Brian Yee, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Euroasian Affairs, who arrived in Macedonia, met with the presidents of four political parties of July 15 agreement. Even though, the statements from the European Union and the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia optimistically greeted the decision of the Constitutional Court and opportunity for Przino Agreement, some key parts of the agreement are broken.

Even foreign ambassadors participated in several postponements of the previously agreed date for early elections, one of the key requirements of the opposition when four political parties reached an agreement last July. New diplomatic efforts would continue to either to save the agreement or will make the path for new agreement with new conditions.

The political agony in Macedonia, which endures almost for two years now, continues with the everyday erosion of the key element of the Parliamentary democracy, the dignity of the Assembly. About two to three thousand people walk since April 12 for postponements of the Election Day date and rescinding of the granted pardon by President Gjorgje Ivanov to 56 state officials.








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