Protesters Request Parliament Session

Time: 11:49 p.m. CEST

People from Skopje who gathered today protested the dissolution of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia and requested from the Parliament to organize a plenary session to postpone date for an early elections, already scheduled for June 5. Even though, it is uncertain what the outcome will be with the three of the main parliamentarian political parties pressure for changes in the date of elections, most of their supporters went on protest on Saturday for such changes. Members of the group who protested today painted on Boulevard “October 11th” in the direction toward the building of the Assembly. After several speeches, part of the protesters used balloons with paint colors and throw toward the building of the Assembly.

Rare police officers deployed at the Assembly did not react on the cheering and supportive voices from the public to those who throw paint. Next stop of the opposition supporters and protesters was the bridge “Freedom” in Skopje, which fence was recently finished as part of controversial “Skopje2014” project. The protesters with masks on their faces painted the fence with the paintball guns in different colors. After this protest ritual of the self-called “colorful revolution,” gathered people walked toward the building of the Government, where the protest ended. The Assembly dissolute on April 7 and according to the Constitution, the MP’s could gather only in case of state of war or state of emergency.



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