Political Crisis In Macedonia: One Coalition Submitted Lists to State Election Commission

Time: 7:22 a.m. CEST

Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, pardoned by the President Gjorgje Ivanov, decided to lead the list in first electoral unit on June 5 election. (Archive photo)

The coalition for “Better Macedonia,” where the largest party is VMRO-DPMNE submitted lists with candidates for six electoral units in Macedonia. The lists contain 123 candidates. Thirty minutes before midnight, the VMRO-DPMNE party youth organization president submitted the lists to the State Election Commission. Two other parties were members of the coalition on the previous elections circles.

Even though, the coalition submitted the lists for the election on June 5, according to the July 15 agreement, VMRO-DPMNE party would continue to take part in the possible continuation of the political talks for overcoming the political crisis in Macedonia.

Neither of the parties associated with the Albanians in Macedonia submitted the lists for the elections, explaining they would not take part in the elections on June 5. DUI, which was in years, coalition party to the VMRO-DPMNE in forming the government after electoral cycles decided not to submit the lists. DPA, which is other Albanian party would not go to the elections.

Protests Albanians
Albanians in Macedonia protested as Albanian Opposition Council on May 9, 2016 in Skopje.

Albanian Opposition Council, which unites various entities related to the Albanian population in Macedonia also protested in Skopje with their demands for more equality.

Despite the parties of Albanians, the biggest opposition party, SDSM, energized with the large number of non-governmental organizations, leftist organizations and other supporters from residents would not take part on the elections, scheduled for June 5. SDSM, or the possible opposition coalition, did not submitted the lists to the State Election Commission.

Nikola Gruevski will lead the party-list proportional representation in first electoral unit, Nikola Poposki, current Minister for Foreign Affairs leads the list in the second electoral unit, Ilija Dimovski is leading the list for the third electoral unit, Nikola Todorov, current Minister for Health is on the first place on the fourth electoral unit, Antonio Milososki is holder of the list in fifth electoral unit, while Vlatko Gjorcev is first on the list for the sixth electoral unit.

The lists are not yet available to the State Election Commission website, but media in Skopje report that among 123 submitted candidates, 49 are women and 74 are man. Two other smaller parties also submitted lists.

Video feature explains the developments in the political crisis in Macedonia over the period of one year.

Meanwhile, the pressure from the streets and protests does not halt, with activists and parties in opposition requesting the changes in the President Gjrorge Ivanov’s decision to grant pardon to 56 state officials, which names are directly or indirectly related to the disclosed intercepted conversations. The granted pardon prompted demonstrations, already one month in length.

The State Election Commission on Wednesday published the list with the voting places on their website.

Note: Journalism purposes photography, please do not use the photographs, especially those of protests for any recognitions.




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