President Obama: ‘America is Better, than I Graduated from College’

Time: 8:51 p.m. CEST

Race relations are better since I graduated, President Obama said to the Howard University’s Class of 2016.


In a very emotional and powerful remarks during the commencement address at Howard University’s graduation, President Barack Obama said that race in America is better than the period he graduated from a Columbia University in 1983.

“America is by every measure than it was, when I graduated from college, it also happens be better when I took office, but that is a longer story. America is better, the world is better. Race relations are better since I graduated. That is true,” Obama said.

Obama referred to his inaugural address, he “remarked that just 60 years earlier, my father would not have been served in a D.C. restaurant, who know black CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, very few black judges, as Larry Wilmore pointed out last week, a lot of folks, did not even think blacks has a tools be a quoterback.”

As the President said, “today, former Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, is not just greatest basketball player of all the time, he owns the team. Rap and hip-hop where kind of a culture. Underground. Now, shine and rise all Thursday night and Beyonce runs the world.

Obama addressed to the Howard University’s Class of 2016 and said, “If you have to choose one moment in history, in which you could have been born. You did not known, I had a time who you are going to be, what nationality, what gender, what race,  will you be reach or poor, gay or straight, what fait you have been born into. You would not choose a 100 years ago. You want choose a 50s, or the 60s, or the 70s. You choose right now.”



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