Red Paint Color on Square Macedonia Marked Five Years After Death Of Martin Neskovski

Time: 11:58 p.m. CEST


Even though five years passed after the death of a young member of the community during the election win celebration of the ruling party in 2011, the remembrance to Martin Neskovski passed peacefully. Protests in Skopje, which are in their 17th days, started as in previous days in support of the Prosecution for intercepted conversations, continued at the Assembly and ended at the Government of Republic of Macedonia with photos of the former state officials, which reported intercepted talks revealed details how the authorities handled an incident from the celebration rally.

Many of the participants of the “Stop police brutality” rallies organized in the past year, came on this day, together with other residents to mark the tragic day, which changed part of the collective memory of the city.

“We are not protesting only against the police brutality, we are protesting against the violence inside the regime. I am here today for Martin, for Tamara, for Trajan Bekirov, as one recalled still on him, I am here for Bojan and Zdravko,” an activitst aginst police brutality Biljana Ginova said.

The residents who participated in the protest walk used the red-paint color to make red-hands stamps on the square “Macedonia,” wrote “Killers,” and painted the square with name of Martin and nouns, “Justice” and “Freedom” on Macedonian language.

In the still unclear circumstances, Neskovski died close to a bench at the Square “Macedonia” on June 5, 2011. A police officer, who was not on duty was sentenced seven years in prison for Neshkovski death. Last year, the opposition disclosed the reported intercepted conversations between high-level state officials. People gathered in front of the government on May 5, 2015, while police clashed with demonstrators.

DSC_7018 DSC_7019

Aleksandar Neshkovski, a brother of Martin Neshkovski stands among the words “Martin” at the Square “Macedonia” in Skopje written by activists at the demonstration rally. 

DSC_7022 DSC_7010


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