Colorful Protests in Skopje Peaceful, But Theatrical

Time: 11:04 p.m. CEST

Demonstrators who gathered for a protests walk passed by the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia and stopped by the building of the State Election Commission in Skopje. Speakers amplified the military Macedonian song, while the protesters peacefully approached highly secured building, where are the offices of the State Election Commission. The protesters, among them residents, opposition supporters requested for clean voter’s list and expressed unbelief SEC could clean the list before the election, scheduled for June 5. Prior to today’s protests, already in their 16th day, the SEC published the members of the municipalities’ election commission, made by random selection from the public administration employees. As in previous days in the protests, part of the activists and protest participants throw balloons with mixed-colored paint toward the building. Police officers hold the shields on guard, but did not react even when the protesters light the area with torches in different colors. The protested ended peacefully.

Demonstrators walk with the banner “Dictatorship Electoral Crime” by the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia in Skopje.
Former member of SDSM and Member of the Assembly Gordan Georgiev participates in the protest walk by the Agency for Media in Skopje across the City Museum.
Protesters threw balloons with paints toward the building where are the offices of the State Election Commission.
A cameraman covers the camera with the pink-plastic raincoat brought by demonstrators during the protests in Skopje on Wednesday.
A demonstrator hold the torch light while the members of the media record the colorful part of the protest.

Former EU Ambassador Erwan Fouere in Macedonia walked among residents of Skopje, who were marching during the protests.




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