Drones Attacks againsts Islamic State on Syria from Turkey

Time: 11:08 a.m. CEST


The Turkish military said the Turkish artillery and drones targeted Islamic State group targets in Syria from southern Turkey. In the attacks 34 militants died, the army said. Reuters publishes, the Turkish military explained the attack were after the Islamic State militants attacked province of Kilis, which are targets to the fire of the “Islamic State-controlled Syrian territory in recent months, killing civilians.”

Reuters adds details, “Turkish howitzers and multiple rocket launchers first hit Islamic State targets about 12 km (seven miles) south of the border, then four drones that took off from the Incirlik base in southern Turkey destroyed further targets, the military said.”

The Hurryiet Daily News further says, the drones belonging on the U.S.-led coalition targeted Syria’s north on May 2 from the Incirlik Air Base, located in Adana. Images obtained from the region show five weapon destroyed and 29 militants killed. Islamic State group fired three rockets on the southeastern border province on May 1. “The Turkish army shared the intelligence gathered from Syria’a north with the U.S.-led coalition and an operation was launched, Doğan News Agency reported,” Hurryiet News writes.

Hurryiet Daily News says, “The U.S.-led coalition also hit ISIL targets on May 1 and a bomb factory belonging to the militants were destroyed in the Azaz district of Syria’s Aleppo. The MQ-1 modeled drone took off from the İncirlik Air Base. There are currently four predators and 12 A-10 bomber aircraft at the İncirlik Air Base.”


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