President Obama Pledges For United and Prosperous Europe, Approved 250 US Special Forces for Syria

Time: 12:53 p.m. CEST

Once more before he left home to the United States from Europe, President Barack Obama appealed that what would happen with the European continent, it will reflect the entire world. In a speech, which could be more suitable if the world lived in 2004, when the big enlargement of EU took place with Eastern European countries, Obama pushed for more unity and prosperity in Europe. Obama did not specifically mention European Union, but spoke with voice as an outsider of Europe, who can profoundly see the “magnificent work” of the EU founders. World is in “a defining moment,” Obama said.

“Entire world need a strong, prosperous, democratic and united Europe. Perhaps you need an outsider, someone who is not European to remained you of the magnitude of what you achieved. The progress I described was possible in large measures during an ideals originated at this continent in a great enlightenment in the founding of the new Republics,” Obama addressed toward the general public, business community and German Chancellor Angela Merkel i Hannover, Germany.

Obama led mixed political and business delegation on its official visit to Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Germany. Considering momentum and the upcoming presidential elections in the U.S., President Obama pushed again strongly for his agenda to promote dialogue and understanding through economic trade agreements. However, in Europe, Obama addressed the advantages of strong union, which progress “did not travel a straight line.”

“In the last century, twice in just 30 years, the forces of intolerance, violence and extreme and cities like this was reduce to ruble. Tens of millions of men, children, women were killed. But, from the ruins of the Second World War, out nations set up to remake our world, to build a new international order and institutions to uphold, a United Nations to prevent another world war, to advance more and just lasting peace; International financial institutions, like the World Bank and International Monetary Found to promote prosperity for all peoples. A universal declaration of universal rights to advance the inalienable human rights of all members of the human family, ” Obama explained.

Obama looked back to Europe’s history. “And here in Europe, giants like Chancellor Adenauer set up to find all adversaries through commerce, through trade. As Adenauer said in those early days, “European unity was a dream of few, but became hope for many.” It was not easy, all that animosity have to be overcome, national pride had to be joined with a commitment to a common good.”

As Obama explained, challenges remain. “Complex questions of sovereignty and burden sharing had to be answered. In every step the impulse to pull back for each country to go in its own way had to be resistant. More than once of this great project, but the vision of European unity solder one, and having defended Europe’s freedom at war, America stood with you every step of this journey. A Marshal plan to rebuild, an airlift to safe Berlin, a NATO alliance to defend our way of lie. America’s commitment to Europe was captured by young American President, John F. Kennedy, when he stood at the free Berlin and declare, when one man is enslaved, all are not free, ” Obama said.

During His remarks in Hannover, Obama announced he ordered up to 250 additional special security forces for Syria that will assist the local forces on the ground. Obama talked on the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw and pledged that all members of NATO should hold to the commitment of 2% of GDP for military spendings.


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