Protests in Skopje: Requests for Equality, Justice, Freedom

Time: 9:44 p.m. CEST

Police stopped demonstrators today at “Goce Delcev” bridge not allowing the movement across the bridge in Skopje toward the Constitutional Court. It is 11th day of protest since President Gjorgje Ivanov declared blanket amnesty for state officials. Some thrown balloons with colors on the lion monuments on the bridge, as part of the ‪#‎colorfulrevolution‬, sign placed on social media and Skopje’s streets and boulevards. Lions were build at the bridge entrance in 2010, as part of “Skopje2014” project.

Protest ended peacefully at the government building. Here are some of the photographs of today’s protest. As in the past days, the gathered people started with support of the Public prosecution for intercepted conversations and continue the walk toward different institutions.Main requests are related to Ivanov’s decision to the postponements of the June5 elections.

On April 12, President of Republic of Macedonia signed the pardon for 56 persons, mentioned in the reported intercepted conversations, disclosed by the opposition president Zoran Zaev. State Department today called Ivanov to withdraw the pardon, which are officialy published by the Official Gazette.




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