Trump, Clinton Won New York Primary

Donald J. Trump won in the New York Republican primary and Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary on Tuesday in the race for presidential nominations. Trump added most of the 95 Republican delegates to his advantage over Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Cruz won no delegates, while Governor John Kasich of Ohio took some delegates in Manhattan and the capital region.

“Our jobs are being sucked out of our states,” Trump said, adding, “One of the big problems is economy and jobs, and that is my wheelhouse.”

Clinton had a decisive victory over Sanders and took more delegates than expected. Clinton’s base of support was from Long Island, with female and Hispanic voters giving her advantage.

The New York Times says, “In the Democratic race, Mrs. Clinton was set to win roughly 30 more delegates than Mr. Sanders, out of 247 at stake. She already had a lead of more than 200 delegates in the race.”

Sanders campaign looks ahead upcoming primaries. “There are five primaries next week and we think we are going to do well and we think we have a path toward victory,” Sanders after end of the race in New York. Sanders said he hopes the primary system in New York will change in the future. “Some three million New Yorkers were unable to vote today because they were registered as independents,” Sanders said.

His advisers estimates Sanders would perform better in next Tuesday’s primaries in Pennsylvania as well as in Rhode Island and Connecticut. “The other two states voting next week, Delaware and Maryland are widely seen as Clinton strongholds. The Sanders campaign is already running television ads in those five states and Indiana, which votes May 3,” the Times explains.


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