Skopje’s Resident Shout : ‘No Justice, No Peace’

Time: 5:28 p.m. CEST

One week after renewal of the demonstrations in Skopje after decision of President Gjorgje Ivanov situation on streets is calmer, but the political tensions are high. The European Union will again push for some political compromise, this time by organizing a meeting in Vienna of the four political parties presidents on Friday. In the Austrian capital, EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn would attempt to reanimate July 15 Agreement and to find solutions for persistent issues creating mistrust among participants in the political process.

Meanwhile, residents of Skopje and other towns in Macedonia protest political crisis in the country with mixture of sentiments, ranging from anti-corruption requests, “Skopje 2014” project to the rule of law. Polarization is evident in the country as June 5 approaches, where ruling parties would participate on early elections. Opposition and members of NGO’s announced a possible boycott of the Election Day, considering the unresolved issues with the voter’s list and media reform.

In Skopje, people already protest sixth day with support of the Prosecution for intercepted conversations and against institutions. Yesterday, police did not react when some of the demonstrators thrown paint to the riot police shields and Ministry of Culture building.



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