PHOTO: Tense But Calmer In Skopje’s Protests

Time: 12:37 a.m. CEST

Third day of protests against decision of the President of Republic of Macedonia to grant blanket pardon passed with occasional tensions, but with police dividing in several places different groups of people who demonstrated. Close to the Assembly, coalition of 82 non-governmental organizations requested postponement of the Election Day, scheduled for June 5. “It is not over, the fight continues,” people held messages as part of the non-governmental protests.

Protests NGO's.JPG

The other group of people demonstrated but on distance secured by the police on another location near the Assembly Between two groups, which represent two different political views was police and an empty Boulevard. Some of the people had written message “defense.”


Police deployed again close to the Square “VMRO” and in front of the building of the government, where the protest ended peacefully.


Group of young activists showed messages to the riot police officers.


One of the messages says, “Tell to your children at home, I defend the dictatorship, where you will grow up.”



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