Special Public Prosecutors Do Not Accept Presidential Pardon

Time: 5:07 p.m. CEST

Prosecutors of the Public prosecution about illegally intercepted conversations announced on Thursday continuation of their work, regardless the recent decision by the President Gjorgje Ivanov to grant blanked pardon to about 56 state, police and parties officials.

Katica Janeva, head of the prosecution, announced during a news conference in the presence of the interested media and diplomatic representatives of several European Union countries. A prosecutor Lence Ristovska announced, “Public prosecutors do not accept pardon of the president.”

As Ristovska said, “it is a blatant violation of rights, the individual rights of public prosecutors as a human rights, by placing us in the same basket, speaking in the vernacular, with the people for whom we have an evidence, which indicate serious suspected criminal works.”

Explaining about further activities of the prosecution, Ristovska said that the granted pardon does not mean keeping the property and that courts could issue orders for confiscations. “Under section 97 of the Criminal Code, no one can keep material gain that is obtained by crime. In this regard we inform the public that the court issues confiscation order, which may decide on the confiscation.”

Head of the prosecution Janeva said that the prosecution continues with the work and with the financial investigations in order to return illegally acquired proceeds to return in the budget, and to the residents of Macedonia. Janeva said, without mentioning the specific amount, the prosecution knows “for a large sum of money, which ended into private pockets.”

The prosecution opens a new case with the name “Transporter,” considering the reported misuse of the public procurement procedures in Bitola Municipality with the transport of pupils and high-school students. A prosecutor Fatime Fetai explained, “Bitola mayor and the president of the Public Procurement Commission, formed by the mayor in an agreement with the principals of primary and secondary schools in Bitola, and other persons of private carriers caused total damage to the national budget of 22 million 24 thousand 891 denars, or about 360,000 euros.

Fetai, who was also listed by the President in the blanket pardon, said the pardon of the mayor does not cover any material gain from the offense or the damage he should compensate. “There is no mercy for that,” Fetai said. Fetai informed “the prosecution runs pre-trial proceedings against the Mayor of Bitola on another corrupt activities.”



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