Ivanov Decided On General Suspension of Proceedings Between Politicians

Time: 5:44 p.m. CEST

President of Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov addressed the public on Tuesday, April 12 with a unilateral decision “to terminate all criminal proceedings against the government and opposition.” As Ivanov said, his decision, on which he did not consult anyone, “takes effect immediately.”

“Aware of the consequences for me, but also with a strong belief that wearing a decision on the stability of the country, I decided to end this agony in which is Macedonia. According to all the constitutional powers, it is adopted a decision to carry out a general end of all procedures between politicians and their counterparts from the opposing sides,” Ivanov said. One of the decisions is related to amnesty.

Ivanov justified the overall decision with the preservation of the state and national interests. The president of Macedonia believes with this decision, he is helping to the international community, who has honest intentions for Macedonia. Ivanov noted Macedonia needs reconciliations.

Ivanov called for fair and democratic elections in a public address. It was not clear in the moment of announcement, whether this abolition or pardon affects the work of the Prosecution for the intercepted conversation, in which many of the potentially pardoned politicians, reportedly are caught in questionable conversations. Their work is regulated with the law voted in the Parliament on September 15 last year and it is an important part of July 15 Agreement between four political presidents, the European Union and the United States. As Plusinfo.mk informed opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia will discus the decision tonight.

Ivanov numbers four reasons in a public statement published on the president website and says this political crisis in Macedonia is because foreign interest and it is not of the interests of the Republic of Macedonia. Parliament dissolved on April 6 and possible early elections are scheduled for June 5.



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