Diplomatic Reactions, Government Confronts Ministers’ Decisions

Time: 5:55 p.m. CEST

Two days after Assembly of Republic of Macedonia dissolved, diplomatic missions of the European Union and the United States reacted with a joint press released, published on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia. Both missions claimed that April 6 was a missed opportunity for preparation of the credible elections.

“The EU and the U.S. have supported all parties and stakeholders in their work to create the conditions for credible elections. This includes cleaning the voters’ list, preventing any form of intimidation or pressuring of voters, and ensuring fair media coverage. Some progress has been made on these fronts, but much work remains. It is a responsibility not only of the state institutions to prepare credible elections, but also of the political parties. April 6 was a missed opportunity,” the statement says.

Although, the statement did not explicitly mention July 15 Agreement, it says, “the political leaders of this country have a responsibility for their citizens to put their country back on the Euro-Atlantic path, by implementing their political agreements and urgent reform priorities.”

Shortly after this statement, the government led by interim Prime minister Emil Dimitriev decided to cancel, as they said in a statement, “unilaterally taken illegal and legal acts by the ministers of interior and labor ad social policy adopted in the period of November 11, 2015 until April 4, 2016.”

Voting of new ministers, deputy ministers
Frosina Remenski, (on left) new Minister for Labor and Social Policy signs the official document after the Parliament vote in support of her nomination. November 11, 2015

The government says that decisions of the technical ministers proposed by the opposition SDSM, “did not respect laws and they did not adopt these acts by the deputy ministers.” The Government says those acts are contrary to the Law on Government and requested of the ministers to set up the earlier situation before the unilateral acts adoption, which the government annulled.

First reaction came of Oliver Spasovski, Minister for Interior, who responded to reporters’ questions in front of the opposition party headquarters in Skopje. “This is a confirmation that the two parties do not intend to organize fair and democratic elections,” Spasovski said and added that they would not allow the political chaos created by VMRO-DPMNE and DUI to affect the residents.

Spasovski reacted that the government cancelled the decision they made before the submitted resignations. He also questioned the deputy ministers’ signatures, as the law says, only the ministers are responsible for the management.

Members of SDSM in the government submitted their resignations on April 6, hours before the Assembly dissolved. The resignations did not arrive in the parliament, leaving the ministers in limbo, with their party saying it would like to withdraw them, but without a legal possibility for that, since the Parliament dissolved before midnight.


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