Parliament Dissolves, SDSM Says No to ‘False Elections’

Time: 1:04 a.m. CEST

MP’s prepare to leave plenary hall of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia after President of Assembly Trajko Veljanovski ended the 98 session and thanked parliamentarians for their work. April 6, 2016.

After the exhausting day with various possibilities, one and a half hours before the deadline, the President of Assembly Trajko Veljanovski announced the Parliament is dissolving. “This mandate and this parliamentary members passed through difficult times, but we also achieved to realize concrete results in the realization of the strategic determinations, building of the stabile sector and better future,” Veljanovski said before the applause in the plenary hall, mostly of the ruling party MP’s present at the closing session.

Veljanovski did not mention any possibility for discussing or acknowledging submitted resignations from the ministers and deputy ministers of the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia. Shortly after Veljanovski closed the door of the parliamentary plenary hall, at the headquarters of the opposition gathered supporters cheered the party president, arriving at the news conference with other party members.

SDSM president Zoran Zaev announces on news conference the party would not participate on elections shortly after the Parliament dissolved and MP’s of SDSM did not enter the plenary hall. SDSM returned to the Parliament in September last year after signing June 2 and July 15 agreement.

“SDSM would not participate on this false elections,” Zaev said before midnight. As reason for the decision, Zaev mentioned unclean voter’s list, non-existing reform in the media, and blurring of the activities between party and the state. “We are fighting for months for returning of the democratic principle, one man, one vote.”

Zaev explained that their ministers submitted resignations to the Interim Prime minister Emil Dimitriev during the day and left to the Assembly to acknowledge them. Instead, the Parliament dissolved after the previous decision for it voted on February 23. Zaev said, the party would follow the facts and arguments of the State Election Commission. “One of the more certain decision is withdrawal,” Zaev said answering to the question whether the party would withdraw its members of the State Election Commission.

Unofficially, SDSM and other parties closer to the opposition would boycott the election, although that word Zaev did not use during the news conference. President Veljanovski has until the next week to sign the decision for the elections on June 5.

After dissolving, the Parliament could only adhere in the state of emergency or state of war, as Constitution of Republic of Macedonia defines.


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