Assembly Voted New Government Ministers of DUI

Time: 6:19 p.m. CEST

The Assembly of Republic of Macedonia today voted for new ministers of DUI in the Government after the Interim Prime minister Emil Dimitriev explained the reason for the voting of the new ministers. Dimitriev gave an introductory statement giving the explanation what he expects of the proposed new ministers. In part of the discussion today in Parliament, MP’s mentioned alleged interception of communications, for which DUI, as announced previously, withdraw ministers from the government. Main opposition party SDSM MP’s did not vote for the new ministers. The plenary session was postponed one hour because earlier information that Dimitriev did not accept two of the suggested name for ministers. Due to the upcoming elections on June 5, it is unknown whether DUI will propose the same people on the voting ballot. 

The Assembly should dissolve on April 7.


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