Parliament Acknowledged Resignations Of DUI Ministers

Time: 2:44 p.m. CEST

The President of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia, Trajko Veljanovski confirmed today before the beginning of the 98 plenary session the resignations of ministers of Democratic Union for Integration. Veljanovski confirmed that their resignations are accepted. Veljanovski did not preview when the plenary session for new ministers from DUI will begin.

After acknowledging the resignations, Veljanovski continued with the plenary session with Minister of Defense Zoran Jolevski talking about changes in Law on Army, while opposition SDSM talked for changes in the media regulations.

The Government should send the documents and biographies of new ministers to the Parliament before the plenary session and voting for the new ministers. DUI announced the decision to withdraw its ministers in the evening of March 31.

According to Artan Grubi, DUI proposed its members, relatively unknown to the public, but are members of the party or already served in the government as officials. Those are members of DUI proposed for the new ministers: 

  •  Secretariat for the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, Festim Halili
  •  Secretariat for European Affairs, Arber Ademi
  •  Ministry of Justice, Valdet Xhaferi
  • The Ministry of Education and Science,Pishtar  Lutfiu
  • Ministry of Economy, Driton Kuci
  • The Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment Protection, Bashkim Ahmeti
  • Ministry of Local Self-Government, Shyhrete Elezi
  • Minister without Portfolio – foreign investment, Arlind Zeqiri
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, Agim Nuhiu
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Faton Pollozhani
  • Ministry of Finance, Gëzim Beadini
  • Ministry of Defence, Bekim Maksut

  • Фестим Халили: Министер без ресор (Заменик на Претседателот на Владата задолжен за спроведување на Рамковниот Договор
  • Арбер Адеми: Министер без ресор (Заменик на Претседателот на Влада задолжен за Секретаријатот за Европски Прашања)
  • Валдет Џафери: Министер во Минстерство за Правда
  • Пиштар Лутфиу: Министер во Минстерство за Образование и Наука
  • Дритон Кучи: Министер во Минстерство за Економија
  • Башким Ахмети: Министер во Минстерство за Животна Средина и Просторно Планирање
  • Шухрете Елези: Министер во Минстерство за Локална Самоуправа
  • Арлинд Зеќири: Министер без ресор (задолжен за странски инвестиции)
  • Беким Максути: Заменик на Министер во Министерство за Одбрана.
  • Агим Нухиу: Заменик на Министер во Министерство за Внатрешни Работи
  • Фатон Положани: Заменик на Министер во Министерство за Транспорт и Врски
  • Гзим Беадини: Заменик на Министер во Министерство за Финанси

The Parliament should dissolve on April 7, according to the postponements of the July 15 agreement for resolving the political criss in Macedonia. Before the beginning of today’s plenary session of the Parliament, president of Albanian party Unity, and former member of DUI, Gzim Ostreni announced they request seven demands concerning the procedure for changes of the Constitution and introducing Albanian language as official language in the country.



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