Ahmeti Announces Candidates for Ministers

Time: 10:19 p.m. CEST

President of the Democratic Union of Integration, Ali Ahmeti decided to propose the following names for representatives on DUI executive power. The Assembly session is scheduled for tomorrow. DUI withdraw its ministers from the Government and suggested new candidates, only four days before the dissolution of the Parliament on April 7 for organizing general elections on June 5.

  1. Secretariat for the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, Festim Halili
  2. Secretariat for European Affairs, Arben Ademi

  3. Ministry of Justice, Valdet Xhaferi

  4. The Ministry of Education and Science,Pishtar  Lutfiu

  5. Ministry of Economy, Driton Kuci

  6. The Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment Protection, Bashkim Ahmeti

  7. Ministry of Local Self-Government, Shyhrete Elezi

  8. Minister without Portfolio – foreign investment, Arlind Zeqiri

  9. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Agim Nuhiu

  10. The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Faton Pollozhani

  11. Ministry of Finance, Gëzim Beadini

  12. Ministry of Defence, Bekim Maksuti

Original article’s sources: Plusinfo.mk and Koha.mk


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