President Obama Urges World to Safeguard Nuclear Facilities

Time: 1:35 a.m. CEST

Obama pledged to world leaders to safeguard nuclear facilities and to keep terrorist groups from obtaining materials, which could be converted to nuclear weapon.

President Barack Obama announced that participants of the Nuclear Security Summit, organized by the White House in Washington D.C. agreed to remain “strong architecture including the United Nations, IAEA, and Interpol to carry on this work.” President Obama said the leaders agreed to create “new nuclear security contact group, senior level experts for more than 30 countries that will meet regularly to preserve the networks of cooperation we built.”

“Over the past six years, we have made significant, meaningful progress in securing of worlds nuclear material, so that never falls of the hands of terrorists, ” Obama said after explaining that the participants at the summit, which included various countries came here to act. “With Japan announcement today we removed and secured all the high-enriched uranium and plutonium from more than 50 facilities in 30 countries,” Obama explained. More than 3,8 tones, which are more than 100 nuclear heads, that material will never fall in the hand of terrorists.

“We limited 138 tones of our surplus of highly enriched uranium, which would be enough for 55,000 nuclear weapons, working with Russia we are on track to eliminate enough Russian highly enriched uranium for about 20.000 nuclear weapons, which we are converting to electricity here in the U.S., ” Obama said.

As the President talked during the news conference at closing the summit, he said, “fourteen nations and Taiwan, countries as divers as Argentina, Chile, to Libya, Turkey to Serbia and Vietnam had now read themselves entirely of highly enriched uranium and plutonium.” Removal of all of Ukraine’s highly enriched uranium, four years ago, meant that the very difficult situation in Ukraine over the past two years was not made even more dangerous by the presence of these materials, Obama stressed. The President also explained, “when Poland completes its removals this year, Central Europe will be free of them as well.”

On the session dedicated for ISIL, Obama said, “Defeating terrorist groups like ISIL requires more information sharing, everybody understands the urgency what happened in Brussels, Turkey, Pakistan and so many other countries around the world.” The President informed that, national intelligence director James Clapper “is continuing engaged with intelligence leaders of our European partners in deepening our cooperation.”

Obama invited all representatives at this summit to join the broader discussion among our intelligence and security services on “how we can improve information sharing within and among our nations to prevent all terrorist attacks, especially those involving weapons of mass destruction.”

This was the last summit on leaders level, organized by the White House on the nuclear security. The gift basket records the intent of Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Republic of Korea, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and INTERPOL to establish and implement national-level measures to mitigate the insider threat.

The U.S. and Japan committed to a plan on Friday “to ship weapons-grade nuclear materials from Japanese research facilities to the U.S.,” for prevention of terrorist​ groups from acquiring such materials. President Obama and Japan Prime minister Shinzo Abe announced the bilateral project during the day of the Nuclear Security Summit. President Obama said U.S. will show an inventory of its own stockpiles of enriched uranium and details about military protection of nuclear facilities in America.


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