US Requests Diplomatic and Military Families To Leave southern Turkey

Time: 10:15 p.m. CEST

The State Department and Pentagon said that the families of the U.S. diplomats and military personnel to leave posts in southern Turkey. The order came on March 29 and cites security fears. Dependents of American staffers at the U.S. consulate in Adana, the Incirlick air base and two other locations must leave, Hurryiet Daily News reports. In a statement, the military’s European Command said the step “allows for the deliberate, safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region.” The State Department order is for the Adana consulate and the military order is for the personnel based in Incirlik, Izmir and Mugla. Turkey participates in the anti-ISIL coalition and recently agreed with the European Union to assists in dealing with refugee and migrant crisis in return for the more fast track for the EU membership.


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