US Capitol Partially Reopens After Shooting Incident

Time: 10:39 p.m. CEST

Matthew Verderosa, the U.S. Capitol Police Chief: “No reason to believe this is more than a criminal act.” We believe the suspect is known to us. Police identified the shooter as Larry Russell Dawson. He would be at the D.C. court room tomorrow morning, as police prepares charges.

Gunfire happened at Capitol Hill when a police officer shot a gunman inside the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center on Monday afternoon. The Daily Beast says that at about 2:40 p.m., an unknown male with a gun entered the visitor center below the Capitol grounds.

The Capitol’s sergeant-at-arms said the “shooter has been caught.” In the gunfire a female bystander was also reportedly injured. The Capitol and other offices were place on lock down with reported confusion as the day began with a scheduled lockdown drill. Violence sometime occur at the Capitol. Up to 4.000 visitors daily pass through the Capitol complex.


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