Special Prosecution Opens Investigation on Boshovski Apprehension in 2011

Time: 12:21 p.m. CEST

Public Prosecutor for crimes related and which arise from the content of the illegal interception of communications opened new investigation in the apprehension of the president of “United for Macedonia” Party Ljube Boshkovski, a day after the general elections in 2011.

The prosecution called the case “Torture” and the investigation is open against seven person, which are under suspicion for crime a “torture and cruel treatment.”This prosecution would not request the detention for the suspects, but said that the primary suspect in the case is former Director of the Directorate for counterintelligence in the Ministry of Interior.

The Prosecution says it will investigate the cases “Magyar Telecom,”“Spy,” “Verushevski” and “Torture.”On March 28, Katica Janeva from the prosecution was scheduled by the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia to report to the Parliament for her work. Even though, the law on this prosecution provision that, Janeva stated she would not report it and instead, this prosecution sent only written report. In the written report, available on their website, the Prosecution did not mention any of the claims previously asserted at one of their previous news conferences.

The opening of the investigation into the case “Torture, ”Janeva announces almost one month after hearing of Boshkovski in the offices of this prosecution on February 15.

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