Three Suspect Charged With Suspect Charged in Connection With Brussels Attacks, Rally Against Fear Postponed

Time: 6:06 p.m. CEST

The RTBF also published that the man who was in front of the federal prosecutor could be the main with the hat, who fled after the attack at Zaventem Airport. The name of the arrested, as Belgium media reported on Friday, in Faisal Cheffou and was reportedly recognized by the taxi driver who transferred three men from Schaerbeek toward Zaventem, but the prosecution could not formally say if that is the man with a bright jacket from the CCTV footage. As reported, he was arrested on Friday and he is charged with “the participation in the activities of a terrorist group, terrorist murders and attempted terrorist murders.”

During the search of his home, police found no weapons or explosives. As part of the investigation in Paris, which led to the arrests of Reda Kriket in Argenteuil in France, the investigating judge issued an arrest warrant against Rabah N, arrested Friday on Rue de Merode to Saint-Gilles. He was charged with “participation in the activities of a terrorist group.”

A. Abubakar, arrested on the Brussels ring in Jette, was also placed under arrest and charged with “the leader of participation in the activities of a terrorist group.” The man was subdued on Friday at the tram stop at Meiser is Abderamane A. The deprivation of liberty of the suspect was extended by the judge for 24 hours, RTBF says. Tawfik A.,  who was wounded in the leg and arrested in the Brussels area Forest on Friday, was released by the judge after full hearing, RTBF says.

Brussels-Zaventem would not resume the flights at least until Tuesday. More than 140 terrorist attacks took place in Belgium between 1970 and 2014, causing more than 40 deaths and 230 injuries, according to the University of Maryland based National Consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. In the most recent attack on March 22, START says that, “early reports on the Brussels attacks indicate that the perpetrators executed a series of coordinated attacks targeting an airport and a subway station with explosives.”

The rally against fear previously scheduled for this Sunday in Brussels is postponed, the Belgian public broadcaster RTBF publishes on Saturday after the organizers decided. Earlier the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur and the Interior Minister, Jan Jambon requested that because of the need to mobilize the police for the investigation into the attacks and the level three threat.


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