Six Persons Arrested in Raids After Brussels Attacks

Time: 7:27 a.m.  CEST

In the police raids on Thursday, after the Brussels attacks on March 22, police have made six arrests on Thursday night, Belgium and international media report. The raids included Swat teams, armored cars and helicopter support.

RTBF, Belgian public broadcaster, cited police sources that the raids targeted “suspected of taking part in the attacks.” The deadly bombings on Tuesday at the departure hall of the Brussels Zaventen Airport and Maelbeek metro station took 31 lives and injured 300 people.

Federal prosecutors confirmed the arrests of six unidentified people. Three of them were arrested outside the prosecutors’ office in Brussels. Two others were also arrested in Brussels,  and police arrested one person in Jette, on the city’s outskirts.

Police and members of the army made a separate raid in Schaerbeek, the north-eastern Brussels suburb, but without arrests confirmed in it. On Tuesday night raid in this Brussels district, police found large amount of explosive, nails and a flag of the Islamic State group.

Police in neighboring France also took raids and arrested a French national, Reda Kriket in the “advanced stages” of a plot. Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, explained there is “no tangible evidence that links this plot to the attacks in Paris and Brussels.”

Despite the raids, police is still being looking for a fourth attacker, caught on CCTV cameras with a light-color jacket and pushing a luggage trolley fled the airport, as the federal prosecutor Frederic van Leeuw said.  A fifth suspect, possibly involved in the metro attack, could be dead or alive, as the media in Belgium report.

Another possible suspect was identified in the attacks. It is a 27-year-old Syrian man from Hama, as the tabloid La Derniere Heure said.

Islamic State group claimed the responsibility for the attack on Tuesday. The same group, which is more known with using other killing methods, claimed the responsibility for the attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015. One of the suspects who detonated the explosive at Zaventem airport was Najim Lachraoui, 24, with probable connection to the Paris attack. One of the last remaining suspects of the Paris attacks, Salah Abedeslam is jailed in Bruges and faces extradition in France.

On Thursday, the European Union justice and interior ministers held an emergency meeting and agreed for better intelligence sharing between EU member states and stricter measures against weapons trafficking. The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, arrived in Brussels on Friday for a talks with counter-terrorism officials.


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