Court In Skopje Sentenced Six in Case “Cell” from 5,5 to 7 years in Prison

Time: 2:49 p.m. CEST

Enter a captionAnti-terrorism police members with guns guard the back entrance of the Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje after police action “Cell” on August 6, 2015. (Archive)

Six of eleven accused in the case “Cell,” admitted to the Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje they participated in the wars in Syria, state run Macedonian Informative Agency said on Friday. Six, including the Imam of the local mosque, negotiated with the prosecution for lower sentences.

Despite, five of them received sentences of five years, while the Imam got seven years in jail, including the sentence for organizing and recruitment of the soldiers for a military in Syria. The fifth other sentenced were part of the group, which participated in logistic and organization of the soldiers for the fights in Syria, MIA published. For the others five accused the Court would organize separate trial.

The assembly of Republic of Macedonia adopted changes in the Criminal Code in 2014 to reprimand those participating in foreign armies, or paramilitary formation with at least five years of sentence.


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