Will March 15 Primaries Offer Clear View on Front-Runner Candidates?

Time: 6:07 p.m. CEST

Voters are casting ballots in the five states across the Midwest and Southeast during primaries on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders focuses on voters affected by globalization. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has a sizable lead in delegates but she need more for the nomination.

Today’s contest among Republicans is a chance for Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich of Ohio to obtain more delegates or Donald Trump could could add more delegates with two winner-take-all contests. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas could score more delegates in contests in Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri.

As the Washington Post says, Trump gain in the tiny vote in a Republican caucus held in the Northern Mariana Islands, “according to a tweet from the executive director of the GOP in the U.S. territory.” Rubio will be in South Florida on Tuesday morning, talking on English and Spanish-language television and radio stations. “Tomorrow we’re in Utah, but today is about Florida,” he said on WFOR-TV in a live interview before the sun came up, the Washington Post writes.

Rubio should appear at Florida International University, pledged optimism that Florida voters will give him a surprise win. A new analysis by Washington Post explained that independent groups have criticized Trump with $35.5 million “in hard-hitting negative television ads and other attacks in the days leading into Tuesday’s vote.” In Ohio, where 66 delegates are at stake, Kasich has a lead in recent polls, Washington Post says.



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