Refugees Try to Make Way Out Through Closed Borders

Time:6:38 p.m. CEST

Embed from Getty Images

Significant group of refugees or migrants stranded at makeshift camp in Idomeni, Greece entered Macedonia after finding the way to surround the razor fence Macedonia build in the past months to reportedly prevent illegal crossing across the border. In the attempt, three person lost their lives after drowning in the local River Suva Reka, on which local media in Skopje report were a pregnant woman and two of her relatives. (Vest) The media report on the base of Macedonian Ministry of Interior report.

A group of about 2000 people crossed to the territory of Macedonia, where at the village of Moin, close to Gevgelija, police in riot uniforms and Macedonia’s military meet the refugees and load them to the trucks and return to Greece, as the Reuters photo shows. Refugees passed through the rising water helping each other in this perilous movement after spending days in the tents at Idomeni on Greek side of the border.

About 8000 refugees and migrants are still in Idomeni waiting for a possible outcome of the European Union Council on March 17,18 and with hopes that the Balkan countries would open their borders and allow refugees to continue the travel toward other countries in Europe.

The last week summit between the EU and Turkey resulted with a plan that EU will seen it again at EU Council Summit for a final deal.

With the suggested plan, the says that the Balkan route has come to an end, and Turkey will receive back refugees from Greece, in exchange for sending one refugee from Turkey to EU and significant financial help, and possible accession benefits, including visa-free travel for Turkish residents in Europe’s Schengen area.

At about two weeks before the EU-Turkey Summit in Brussels, Austria and nine Balkan states agreed unilaterally to close the borders for refugees and migrants without proper documents.


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