Trump Cancelles Chicago Rally

Time: 8:33 a.m. CEST

The Republican presidential candidate for a presidential nomination Donal J. Trump had one political rally less after he canceled the pre-election gathering because of the security concerns. The thousands of the protesters arrived at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where the university arena become a chaotic scene when protesters and supporters argued heavily, Reuters said.

A Trump campaign staffer said that the rally was postponed due to the safety reason. “We made a great decision not to have the rally,” Trump told CNN. The protesters at the Trump’s rallies are not novelty, but in Chicago, the huge number of protesters virtually matched the number of Trump’s supporters. Tramp faced the protesters also at a public event in St.Louis, Missouri, where he requested removal of one of the protesters from the event. Scuffles between protesters and supporters are more frequent during the rallies.

On Tuesday the voting will be important because the candidates fight for  the 1,237 delegates from primary contests and caucuses. Trump has 459 delegates, followed by Cruz at 360, Rubio at 152 and Kasich at 54, according to the Associated Press. The voting in Florida and Ohio is important because both states award the delegates on a winner-take-all basis.

Hours after the incident, sitting President Barack Obama who is in his second day of the official visit to Dallas, Texas reacted, as CBS News radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller posted on Twitter.


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