Sanders Wins Michigan, Trump Celebrates in Two States

Time: 8:24 a.m. CEST

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won in the Michigan Democratic primary, while Hillary Clinton did not make any advantage in Michigan where she lost among independents and working-class white Democrats.

Sanders address reporters in Miami, as the New York Times reports.

“The political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country,” Sanders said. But, Clinton gained her momentum at the Mississippi, where she won Sanders with the help of African-American voters. The Times says, “Sanders’s Michigan triumph offered much-needed proof that he could win over voters in the populous, racial diverse swing states where the eventual Democratic nominee will need victories in November.”

Sanders could hope to see the positive outcome in the races in Illinois, Ohio and Missouri next Tuesday with the continues attacks he makes on Clinton over her support for free trade agreements that transfer many jobs overseas.

Donald J. Trump left behind his Republican rivals after wining in the Michigan and Mississippi presidential primaries on Tuesday.

March 8 vote was not favorable for Senator Marko Rubio of Florida. Rubio was behind his three rivals of Republican Party and gained no delegates in either state. As the Times reports, Rubio said it would press to win his home state next Tuesday at the Florida primary. “It has to happen here, and it has to happen now,” Rubio said.

The Times explains, “If Rubio and Kasich can’t win at home, the Grand Old Party primary appears set to become a two-person race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.”


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