State Department’s Hoyt Brian Yee Visits Macedonia on Przino Agreement

Time: 5:51 p.m. CEST

Hoyt Brian Yee, deputy assistant secretary for European and Euroasian Affairs at the State Department slowly ends his two-day official visit to Macedonia, where he had several meetings with many people in the Government, ministries and opposition party.

Despite the close relations and cooperation between the United States and Macedonia, Yee talked about details in the overcoming of the political crisis in Macedonia and implementation of the July 15 Agreement in Przino, overlooked by the European Union and EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

In the afternoon on Friday, Yee visited Ministry of Justice of Republic of Macedonia and talked with Minister Adnan Jashari. Earlier, Yee had a meeting with the interim Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev in the Government building. Yee talked to the media and in an opening statement said the U.S. “are looking very closely at some specific issues, and that includes the Voter’s List, which is in the process of being updated and that some crosschecks of the Voters’ List have taken place.”

Yee said, “there is time to establish free and fair conditions for elections on June 5, and we will be continuously providing our opinion, our advice on what more needs to be done.”

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