Is Europe Divided How To Solve Migrant And Refugees Crisis?

Time: 4:12 p.m. CEST

More people still arrive toward the Greek-Macedonia’s border on Wednesday, while the local authorities from the Macedonian side open the border only for refugees arriving from Syria and Iraq. Getty Images of the border area offered a humanitarian view of the situation with thousands people arriving to the border, close to the Greek village of Idomeni. Only a handful people could pass the border in the weeks after Austria held a meeting with authorities of the Balkan Countries.

Unofficially, the agreed number of people that could cross the border is 580 each day. Only those with proper documents could enter in Macedonia, where the authorities changed the rules since the summer, when refugees and migrants could freely pass the country during the period of three days or request an asylum. About 10, 000 refugees and migrants are now at the improvised camp with tents at the border, wishing to continue their journey North into Western Europe.

It appears that as the Economist writes, “Europe is is divided on how to handle the largest number of refugees since the second world war.” The Economist explains that Austria’s move to limit asylum claims at 80 per day and to cap the daily number of people traveling through Austria to seek asylum in Germany to 3,200, sparked outrage.”

The European Commission’s legal services started to work on the case, because the move possibly undermines the Geneva Convention and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Despite the strong reaction from Greece, Austria’s move “has led to border slowdowns for migrants across the Balkans,” says the Economist. EU will hold a summit in early March with Turkey to try to find new solutions.



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