Tear Gas Fired At Refugees

Time: 7:02 p.m. CEST

Tense situation with stranded migrants and refugees at Greek village of Idomeni close to the border with Macedonia escalated on Monday after the refugees attempted to tier up the improvised wired fence along the borderline. Macedonian police used stun grenades and teargas toward the gathered people who used metal signs to break the wire fence, attempting to pass through.

Angry refugees protested because authorities in Macedonia decided to tighten up the control for those passing through the country toward other states in Europe. More than 8.000 refugees and migrants are at improvised camps in Idomeni waiting for a solution to the problem. Video of Sky News shows people affected by the tense situation at the border with police after Austria and Balkan states decided to impose stricter control on arrivals.

In the pass days, people stranded at the Greek-Macedonia border held signs requesting opening of the border. Macedonia attempts to implement border restrictions, while large influx of the refugees arrives from Greek islands, regardless the peace efforts and temporary cessation of the hostilities inside Syria.


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